“STYLE isn’t about fashion, it’s about the PERSON.” ™


Our mission is to EMPOWER our clients with CONFIDENCE --not just in the way they look but how they present themselves in the board room to social events. You have the personality, the credentials, the experience, the knowledge and so much more, but lets get your image to show that too! We, at justCURATED,  make sure you are seen as  the entire “package” while showcasing your unique personality. We do this through: your APPEARANCE, BEHAVIOR, COMMUNICATION, and DIGITAL FOOTPRINT.

Looking for a makeover?  Maybe a style reinvention? Are you re-entering the workforce? Looking to get promoted? A reunion coming up? A first date even? What kind of image do you want to project? Let us help you.


"I needed help with a new wardrobe for work and, being a single mom, I was short on time and money. Rhyan was simply amazing! She put together a ton of items I could mix and match from and kept me under budget! I never would’ve been able to put together such a diverse collection, on my budget, by myself. She also perfectly understood how to dress my body since I’ve recently gained 20 pounds and was super insecure about it. justCURATED is now my go to for everything!"
- DG -


"If you can mix a life coach, personal stylist, mentor, best friend into one person, it would be Rhyan!"
- S -


"Rhyan left the company I was working for, but I knew I had to reach out to her because I heard she helped several people within the company get promoted and even head up big projects. I didn’t waste any time. I called her that following Monday and even with her new demanding job she didn’t hesitate to meet. We met not just once, but twice! She also interviewed me on the phone. It really felt like I was being interviewed by the actual company! She didn’t ask the boring questions we all get, but she really drilled down. When I sat in on the actual interview, I knew I was ahead of the game! And when the follow up interview came, I was even more confident. Two weeks later, I got the job!"
- G -


"A friend of mine recommended Rhyan to me. I'm not someone who is shy but when it came talking to a big group I was a nervous wreck! I went to Rhyan to help me with public speaking and she helped me so much! So if you don't think you need her, you're wrong! Call her now!!!"
- D -


"Rhyan has this exquisite and confident personality --- she always puts pride on her work and always looks at the bigger picture when resolving the real issues."
- K -


"I've heard for personal stylists before and thought it was for people that were narcissistic and pretentious. Rhyan is neither of those things. She was patient and took the time to really find out how I wanted to express myself and what made me feel comfortable and confident."
- J -


"I first met Rhyan in 2006 at Temple University’s Who’s Who in AMA. Not knowing that the same young woman I was speaking to would be one of the guest speakers that evening. As a 45+ year old woman (at that time), listening to someone half my age capture an audience like she did, I was amazed. The points she made during her talk and the engagement she received from such a diverse audience left me speechless. Our paths crossed again almost a decade later, when once again we met by chance. I later requested her services and never regretted it."
- S -