About justCURATED

 …5 years in the making and still evolving. 

WHO is justCURATED? And WHY you’ve never heard of us before. 

justCURATED started as a referral basis only business. It all began when a colleague asked for help in dressing for a special event, to another colleague who needed help with interviewing for a higher position. As more friends and friends of friends reached out for similar services, I noticed that I could not assist or take on any additional clients while working a full-time corporate job. Hence, I limited the number of clients I took and limited the number of new clients I assisted each year. 

The Secret. 

I make it no secret that I am not the secret to my success—my clients are. They are the SECRET. Each of our clients have their own personal style-hence, we are not their stylists. Our clients also have their own talents and accomplishments-hence, we are not personal coaches. We are CURATORS. I work behind the scenes. And my focus is to sharpen, polish, and enhance our clients. We make sure they project and see themselves as: smart, confident, and powerful. 

The Purpose that Fuels the Passion. 

It was two years ago that I attended an event held by Main Line Magazine when a young woman approached a local and noted personal stylist. I was shocked to find that the stylist/blogger not only ignored the young woman, but also brushed her off. The events of that day became the core value of justCURATED. Never do I want someone to feel as though they cannot better themselves, because someone did not see value in them. justCURATED wanted to not just be a resource for anyone who wanted to find their style, but also a resource for anyone who wants to better themselves in how they speak and how they present themselves in any environment. I want to educate and support those who wanted it. 

You’ll never guess who our clients are. 

I’ve been asked numerous times who my clients are or have been my clients—and to that answer is that you’ll never know. My clients range from different ages and are in different industries. I’ve had clients that were young professionals, teacher, corporate executive, bar tender, screenwriter, nurses, graphic designer, sales manager, personal trainer, to law enforcement, makeup artist, and the list goes on. 

I cannot tell you how much it has been a privilege to be part of each of my clients’ lives. They are my diamonds in the rough and I thank them for letting me be part of their “polishing” process.