Jolanta Wozniak attended Fashion school in Poland, but gained most of her experience through her family’s small factory producing for big names. Her 36 years of experience of premium quality and unmatched craftsmanship have gained her a loyal following that stretches from Chester County, to Maryland, and the DC area. After several years in the states, doing alterations for small boutiques and the bridal communities, she decided to launch DENARA. The DENARA clothing line became the natural evolution of a production house and atelier.  It is the culmination of Jolanta’s European roots, fashion forward designs and focus of empowering women. Poochi Palace, Jolanta’s most recent project  and collaboration with her daughter, is another luxury clothing line, but focuses on small dogs that are 15-25 pounds.

Jolanta’s passion for dressing people and making them feel and look their best is her constant motivator. Jolanta Designs has no intentions of stopping as they hope to open a store in the future and allow others access to their brand and their quality designs.