By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. -unknown 

Our graduated services are specifically TAILOR-MADE for our recent grads. Now that your recent graduate is about to transition into the “real-world”, why not prepare them further by providing them the confidence and advantage they need to enter the world of possibilities and opportunities? As we all know, opportunities do not come to those that are not prepared for it. 


The justGRADUATED EDGE service is broken down into three separate appointments. Not only do we prepare your recent graduate on how to dress in the workplace but to build a wardrobe that they can afford while they grow their earning capacity. We also prepare them to communicate their qualifications in a mock interview. Industry specific questions will be asked together with standard interview questions. Body language and even facial expressions are also critiqued during the mock interview process. The last appointment will consist of a professional photo that your graduate can choose from that will be featured in their LinkedIn profile. See More


Our justGRADUATED package is similar to our justGRADUATED EDGE package in the essence that we want our graduates to portray themselves as the confident, driven, ambitious, and qualified candidates when transitioning into the workforce. Here, the package will focus on having the graduates put their best foot forward. See More


Your recent graduate already has the wardrobe and resume to match, but do not necessarily have the confidence when it comes to the interview process. Interviews can be nerve wrecking and a bit of anxiety driven when you’re not prepared, especially for our recent grad. The justINTERVIEWED package will not only introduce our graduate to the standard interview questions that any graduate would expect, but those specifically for their industry. Our interviewer will review the graduates’ resume prior to the scheduled mock interview and will ask questions that pertain to the industry. (Note that these questions will be coming from outside resources and recruiters from the industry). The mock interview may not be a real interview, but the hard hitting interview questions are! Our goal at justCURATED is to have the interviewee make the mistakes during the mock interview rather than creating it in the real world setting when a small mistake can make a difference of getting another interview immediately to not getting a call back. See More

(**Please note that no travel fee will be applied to clients within a one hour radius. However, an additional $25 hourly rate will be added to clients in the Delaware area and $35 for New Jersey clients. For our New York, Maryland, and Virginia clients, please call or text us at 484-483-5272 or email us at info@thejustCURATED.com for our additional rates).