The justWOMEN Packages 

I am a WOMAN above everything else. –Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 

You might be a young professional, a mom, a single mom, a divorcee, a corporate executive, or what have you. We may be different religions, but the core of all women is that we are a WOMAN. We are emotional, loving, diverse, and complex—just look at our shoes! We do it all and are all multi-tasking fiends! Mundane tasks and everyday responsibilities has pushed us to forget that we should be two things: WHO and WHAT we want to be. 

The Hello,YOU!

It’s time to bring out that “You” you’ve been hiding all along! This is by far our most intensive and widely asked for packages. It is for those individuals ready to re-invent themselves and take charge of every aspect of their lives. See More

The justWOMEN Year Long Package 

No need to worry what pieces, colors, and fabrics that will be on trend for the upcoming season our curator will have that handled! All pieces will specifically tailored to your specific style. Every month you will also receive new handpicked items (clothing, shoes, and accessories) specifically tailored for you, That’s like a style magazine hand delivered to your inbox! 

The justWOMEN Two Seasons 

Pick two seasons that you just cannot be bothered shopping for! See More

The justWOMEN Season a LaCarte 

Do you have a season you have trouble shopping for? Or do you want a new wardrobe for the upcoming season? We’ll get you ready for Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall. See More

(**Please note that no travel fee will be applied to clients within a one hour radius. However, an additional $25 hourly rate will be added to clients in the Delaware area and $35 for New Jersey clients. For our New York, Maryland, and Virginia clients, please call or text us at 484-483-5272 or email us at for our additional rates).