Our graduated services are specifically for our recent grads. Now that your recent graduate is about to transition into the “real-world”, why not prepare them further by providing them the confidence and advantage they need to enter the world of possibilities and opportunities? As we all know, opportunities do not come to those that are not prepared for it.

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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. -unknown

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We will prepare your recent graduate on how to dress in the workplace, train them on how to communicate their qualifications in a mock interview, and provide a professional photo that your graduate can feature on their LinkedIn profile.

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We want our graduates to portray themselves as the confident, driven, ambitious, and qualified candidates when transitioning into the workforce. Here, the package will focus on having the graduates put their best foot forward.

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Your recent graduate already has the wardrobe and resume to match, but may not have the confidence when it comes to the interview process. This mock interview may not be a real interview, but the hard hitting interview questions are!