5 years in the making and still evolving

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Never start a business just to “make money,” start a business to make a difference. – Marie Forleo

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WHO is justCURATED? And why you’ve NEVER HEARD OF US before.

justCURATED started as a referral basis only business. It all began 8 years ago when a colleague asked for help in dressing for a special event to needing help to prepare for an interview within the company. Shortly after, another colleague needed the same guidance. As more colleagues, former colleagues, friends, then, friends of friends reached out for similar services a concept was born. In the last 5 years is when this so-called concept started to grow.


“Heart and Integrity is my business plan”.

–Rhyan, Founder and CEO of justCURATED

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It was March 7th, 2017 that forever changed my business. It was on this day I attended a Main Line Today event, when a young woman approached a local and noted personal stylist.

I was shocked to find that the stylist/blogger not only ignored the young woman, but also brushed her off. The events of that day pushed me to no longer be a private resource but to offer my services to the public. It also became the core value of justCURATED.

Never do I want someone to feel as though they cannot better themselves, because someone did not see value in them.

justCURATED wanted to not just be a resource for anyone who wanted to find their style, but also a resource for anyone who wants to better themselves in how they speak, how they present themselves, and how they see themselves in any environment. We want to educate and support those who wanted it. Our services are not just for the high executives, but for those who are looking to be the high executives one day. The young graduate who wants to climb the corporate ladder, to a single-mom who wants to start their own business. We are here to help.



The secret is our clients. It is because of them we are constantly curating ourselves to be a better resource and avenue of support. Our clients comes to us with different backgrounds, talents, accomplishments, and strengths. We focus on showcasing their unique attributes to get them to where they want to go.


We work behind the scenes and we want you to take the credit. Our focus is to sharpen, polish, and enhance our clients. We make sure they project and see themselves as: smart, confident, and powerful.


You’ll never guess WHO OUR CLIENTS are…

We’ve been asked numerous times who our clients are and our answer will always be, “You’ll never know.” Our clients’ industry ranges from young professionals, teacher, corporate executives, bar tender, screenwriter, nurses, graphic designer, sales managers, personal trainer, to law enforcement, and the list goes on. At justCURATED, we provide the utmost privacy and respect when working with our clients. It is a great privilege when someone asks us for our assistance, expertise, and guidance and we greatly treasure the time working with them.

justCURATED’s clients are the diamonds in the rough and we thank them for letting us be part of their “polishing” process.