Look like a Traveling Pro with these 7 Items Under $30!


It’s that wonderful time of the year….no, I’m not talking about Christmas or when we get our tax refunds! I’m talking about that wonderful time where you can leave all of your work stuff behind, have an adventure, and explore. The sun is out, the days are longer, and that wonderful message you can put in all of our emails: Out of Office.

If you didn’t know already, vacation time is here. Facebook, Twitter, and ofcourse, Instagram posts from friends, family, and strangers are flooding your feed with pictures, places, and tips on how to travel smart.

No matter if you pack a month before your trip, or the night before, or have us pack for you, here are some items that will help you save time and allow you to be organized during your trip. And no need to search for these items at specialty stores, you can get them all in one place and free two day delivery if you’re a Prime member! And ofcourse, all these items are under $40! I can personally attest to these items, as I have used them myself and suggested it for clients when packing for them. (*Note: I do not get any endorsements or kickbacks for the list of jeans I am about to provide).


1.      SHACKE Pak Organizing Cubes, $24.99


 Pros: Comes in set of 4 and in 9 Different colors

Cons: none

These items will not only keep you organized, but will help you pack more than you need to.


2.      Zoppen Multi-purpose RFid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet (Version 4) $14.99


Pros: Organizes your cash, plane ticket, id cards, and credit cards all in one, and comes in 36 different colors!

Cons: I wish there was a specific slot for the passport where I can easily pull it out and show any specific page to customs for reference.

 Let’s continue the organization streak by having this passport wallet on hand. I would have to say I am personally proud of this find. Not only do I look “travel put together”, I found this item first before my younger sister claimed her find on it! It’s not bulky and remains sleek at the same time.


3.      VLANDO Viaggio Small Jewelry Case, $13.99 


Pros: Small, Sleek, and a jewelry stand

Cons: Slots are not big enough for bulky watches, bracelets, or earrings

Teamoy Double Layer Jewelry Organizer, $22.99


Pros: Compact, Specific slots for earrings, necklaces, watches, & bracelets, not bulky

Cons: none

Finding a travel jewelry organizer was a tough one that I was not able to find an organizer that fits all of my “musts” in one item. Ultimately, it comes down to your preference and what you’ll be packing.


4.      SublimeWare Travel Adapter with 4 USB Ports, $19.99


Pros: 4 USB Ports, Comes with travel Case, 5 different colors to choose from

Cons: no adapter for your computer charger

 This is probably one of my personal favorites! When I travel, I have my iphone, ipad, kindle, and laptop with me. Which means, I would need 4 wall outlets as well. This allows to only have the charging cables.


5.      Totalpac Lightweight Foldable Packable Backpack, $22.99


Pros: Lightweight, Easy to Fold, Built in USB Charger, Water Resistant, 2 slots for water, Adjustable Buckles, Hidden Pockets for valuables

Cons: no padding on the back, only in the straps

 This one is another of my personal favorite! Don’t be fooled by its lightweight material, this item can hold lots of items. Don’t mistake this for a Pantagonia tough. Since there is no padding in the back, you will feel every lump that is inside the bag.


6.      Vapur Element BPA Free Durable Foldable Water Bottle, $13.99

Water bottle.jpg

Pros: Lightweight, Easy to Fold, Holds 1L, Accessible hook allows it to attach to backpacks, purses, etc.

Cons: none

When traveling, I always find it difficult to drink lots of water. This Vapur foldable water bottle makes it easy! Not to mention it’s really easy to clean. Put a small drop of dishwasher soap hot water and rinse!


7.      Trtl Pillow Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow, $29.99

neck pillow.jpg

Pros: Lightweight, Easy to clean, Prevents Neck Strain, 4 different positions, available in 23 colors

Cons: Difficult to carry and a bit bulky

I have personally searched for something I can use to prevent me from straining my neck and this year I finally found it! I’ve been a loyal memory foam user when traveling, but found myself sore after my trips. What’s great about this neck pillow from the others, is that it acts as a spring for your neck and shoulders that there is no strain. Furthermore, you can position it in 4 different ways that allows you to sleep comfortably during your trip. An added bonus, you will not be leaning against your neighbor for support or comfort! The only con about this item, is that it does not easily attach to your luggage so you can transport it easily between your connecting flights or next stop—however, it is worth the bulkiness for the preventative neck strain!

Regardless of where you are headed or what adventure you’re about to take, these items will make your travels be a breeze.